Military and FMS Avionics Overhaul, Repair and Manufacture

Pacific Electronic Enterprises in Huntington Beach, California, provides reliable military avionics repair to meet the stringent requirements of the industry.

Military and FMS Avionics Overhaul, Repair and Manufacture

Our company specializes in the repair, overhaul and manufacturing of a wide spectrum of avionics equipment and ground-based electronic systems for military applications. You can maintain flight readiness with our depot repair capabilities, including:

Military Aircraft, Military Avionics Repair in Huntington Beach, CA
APG 66 & APG 68 Fire Control Radar, LPRFs, & SRUs
  (Application: F16)
F5 Stability Augmentation Component Assembly
  (LRUs, SRUs, & Flight Line Test Box)
Communication & Navigation Systems
  (Flight Control Computers & Ground Support Equipment)
Flight Control Systems; High Voltage & Low Voltage Power Supplies
  (F16 HUD)

AN / ALR69 Radar Warning Receiver & Power Supplies
  (Application: Multi-Aircraft)
AN / ALR56C & AN / ALR56M Radar Warning Receiver, Sub-Assemblies, & Power Supplies
  (Application: F15)




  For dependable military avionics overhaul and repair, contact our avionics equipment specialists in
Huntington Beach, California, to request a service.